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Real Estate ISA Scripts & Systems to Increase Lead Conversion

The most effective real estate ISA scripts are part of a larger, systematized action plan to both contact and nurture leads over a period of time. Inside Sales Agents (or ISAs) use scripts to build rapport with leads from initial contact all the way to setting an appointment with outside sales agents on a real estate team.

Real Estate ISA Scripts – Making Initial Contact

Again, the best real estate ISA scripts are part of a larger action plan. For instance, the following 2 week (or 10 business days) lead conversion plan is an aggressive high-contact system used to make initial contact with inbound internet leads. It can also be used to identify motivation levels and gather additional contact information to classify and ultimately convert leads.  For the best results, be sure to personalize the phone call, text, email, video and social media message scripts provided below to appeal to each individual lead.

The 2-Week Assault Plan

Week 1


  • Send the introduction email

    • For manually entered leads from other sources: use the “Intro email”

    • For website generated buyer leads: customize your auto-generated welcome email from “Automated Welcome Email” template provided.

  • Make “Intro Call” phone call or use “Buyer/Seller Intro Voice Message”

  • Send Day 1 Intro Text if you do not connect by phone

  • Send a follow up email thanking them for speaking with you if they answered


  • Email a list of properties that fit your client’s criteria 

  • Search for the lead on Facebook and send them a short private message

  • Send Day 2 “Follow-Up” Text

  • Send Video email – Use one of Intro Scripts


  • Send “Open to Show” email 

  • Make “Intro Call” phone call or “Follow-Up Voice Message”


  • Send “Free CMA & Relocation Package” email

  • Attach a Just Listed Property list to email or via link


  • Send a “How am I doing?” email

  • Include a list of “recently reduced prices” property list to email

  • Send Day 5 “Still Interested” Text

The Lead Nurturing Process – AFTER initial contact has been made.

Week 2


  • Send “Be the First to See New Listings!” email

  • Send Video Email – Choose most applicable script


  • Send “Specialty Services” email

  • Make “Best Buy” phone call or use “Follow-Up Voice Message”

  • Send Day 7 Next Step Text


  • Send “Specific Property” email

  • Search for them and send direct messages on LinkedIn, Instagram and etc.

  • Research their IDX activity


  • Send “Long Shot CMA” email

  • Make “Create Urgency Call” or use “Follow-Up Voice Message”

  • Research their IDX activity

DAY 10

  • Send “Free Certificate” or “Where did I go Wrong” email

  • Make “Last Chance” phone call or use “Follow-Up Voice Message”

  • Discard contact if not valid contact information

  • If no contact is still made, place lead in the D lead category drip campaign.


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