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Scripts & Dialogue


Prospecting Scripts, Dialogues & Objection Handlers

Use these powerful real estate prospecting scripts as a part of your daily income producing activities to build a consistent and independent real estate business.  The following prospecting scripts, dialogues and objection handlers have been vetted and utilized by top producing agents industry wide.  

Prospecting Script for Initial Contact on the Phone:

“Hi this is John Smith with ABC Realty.  I’m sure you know by now that your home showed up on the Multiple Listing Service as an expired listing, and I’m calling to see when you plan to hire the right agent to sell your home?”

Objection Handler – When Not Interested:

“Just out of curiosity, if I were to present a contract for the sale of your house tomorrow, would that pose a problem for you?”

Leave this Voice Mail Message:

“Hi this is John Smith with ABC Realty.  I saw that your house is not longer on the market and I just wanted to know if you are still interested in selling?  If you are still interested in selling PLEASE CALL ME BACK TODAY at 555-5555.”


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