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Past Client Scripts for Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents leave a large amount of business on the table by not following up with clients after the sale of a home.  To customers it appears as if their agent disappeared immediately after receiving a commission check. These past client scripts enable real estate agents to regularly stay in touch with their clients to evidence a high level of customer service and generate more client referrals.  Also remember that it is important to be consistent with these contacts over time to stay top of mind with past clients and increase the likelihood of receiving leads.

1. PAST CLIENT FOLLOW UP SCRIPT  (Use 2 or 3 times annually)

“Hi _____________ , it’s John Smith with ABC Realty.  I’m just calling as a customer service to check in with you to see how you’re doing in your new home.  How has your new home been treating you? (Remember that the key is to continue to ask questions to uncover a need that you can help with.)  What have you done to it? Are you planning on doing any work or improvements to it in the future? Would it help if I gave you the contact information of some professionals that I trust that could help you get that done at a reasonable cost? You see, I want you to think of me as your total home resource. Like your own personal Angie’s List. So you can save yourself some time & frustration by letting me refer you to a tested & trusted company for any homeownership needs that may come up. Would that benefit you? Great? Oh and by the way, I want to work with more clients like you, and I find that people typically hang around similar people. I would love to have more clients like you, so do you know anyone else looking to move in the near future?


“Hi _______, this is John Smith at ABC Realty, how have you been? (Wait for response) In case you don’t remember, I’m the agent that sold your home and forgive me for not calling for so long. I had a bad client database system and we are now upgrading that, and I just wanted to touch back and see how everything is going. So how is everything?”

“Great! Since we’re in the process of trying to update our databases and do better at staying in communication, is it okay if I keep you in our database, mail to you and touch base every now and then?”

“Thank you!  And thanks for letting me apologize for not following up and staying in better touch with you, and if there is anything I can do to be of service in the future please let me know?”

3.  UPDATING YOUR DATABASE (For agent administrative staff use too)

“Hi ________, this is John Smith with ABC Realty, how are you today?” I’m calling because we are reviewing our database and noticed that we are missing some information like email addresses, phone numbers and etc.  So that we can stay in touch with you, we need to get our records updated, is that okay?”

“Great! So let’s see, it looks like we need your email address . . (Obtain address and ask for any other information needed). Perfect, thank you!  So is there anything that we can do for you right now? (Respond if applicable) Remember that we are here for you to take care of all your real estate needs and thanks again for your help!”


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