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Open House Scripts for Realtors

Effective open house scripts for realtors help agents generate more traffic at open houses as well as more listings in the surrounding neighborhood.

Prospecting around open houses beforehand is an amazing way to show local residents how hard you work to get homes sold. This activity differentiates real estate agents from those that just put a sign in the yard and wait for buyers. It also makes your encounter with them at the actual open house a second follow-up conversation with them, which greatly increases your chances of working with them if they have a home to sell.

Open House Scripts for Realtors – The Prospecting Script

Agent:    Hi (Home Owner), this is (Agent Name) with (Real Estate Company) and I just listed Emily and Joe house around the corner from you. The sellers wanted me to invite you to our grand opening this weekend from eleven to one.

Home Owner:   Oh okay.

Agent:    Yeah hopefully you can make it by. Tell me how long have you been in the neighborhood?

Home Owner:     We lived here for about five years now.

Agent:     Five years good for you. Well you know when a great property like this appears when we list, we generally expect to get two to four motivated buyers that will miss out on the property. Do you know of any other neighbors in the neighborhood that maybe thinking about selling in this hot market?

Home Owner:    Well……. You know I can’t think of anybody right now. Every one that lives here loves it here.

Agent:    It is a great neighborhood. As for you (Home Owner) if you were to move were would you go next?

Home Owner:     I don’t know, we really like it here. I guess someday once the kids are gone we might move. I was thinking maybe in the country once the kids are out and out of the school district. I would go out to the country and become a country guy.

Agent:    A country guy! Good for you, so are your kids about to graduate? When do you plan on moving out there?

Home Owner:     They will probably graduate in four years. Well they just started high school.

Agent:    Excellent, well hey I love to follow up with you from time to time and see if anything changes. Just incase you want to talk before I call you back would it be ok if I send you my contact information?

Home Owner:     Sure that’s fine.

Agent:    Great what’s the best E-mail for you?

Home Owner:     You could reach me at

Agent:    Perfect well come on out (Home Owner) we look forward to seeing you. Hopefully you can make it on Saturday I’d love to meet you. We’ll be over at 123 Main st. and would love to meet you there.  


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