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Listing Presentation Scripts

Listing Presentation Script for Real Estate Agents – Learn the listing presentation scripts and dialogues that top agents use in listing consultations to list more homes for sale.  An effective listing presentation script allows agents to conduct an efficient consultation by focusing on questions to determine the needs of clients rather than presenting a long and drawn out value proposition containing all of the agent’s marketing activities and other credentials.   The ideas is to come from curiosity to determine the needs of the clients instead of simply telling sellers what you think they should want to hear in a traditional “dog-and-pony show” marketing presentation.

Not only does asking questions engage clients and build rapport, it also enables agents to quickly ascertain client needs and concerns so that they can be addressed right away.  Although agents should bring a marketing presentation materials to leave with their clients, it should only be referenced to address specific concerns that clients may raise during the consultation.

Listing Presentation Scripts & Dialogues

Listing Presentation Scripts:  Before Viewing the Home

“I’m going to walk through the home with you looking at it through the eyes of a buyer, speaking aloud and candidly about what I see as a buyer would.  Is that alright with you?” (“Yes”)  “What I’m hearing from you is that you want me to be honest with you, correct?”  (“Yes”)  “So if I think there is something in your home that will hurt you financially, like something that needs to be updated, improved or fixed, you will want me to tell you?”  (“Yes”)  “Great! Then let’s get started.”

“Would you mind quickly filling out this quick Home Seller Information Questionnaire while I look through the home on my own so that I can see it through the eyes of a buyer to evaluate how updated it is and to see if there are any repairs needed that would prevent us from selling?”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most honest, how honest do you want me to be?” (“10”)  “Great.  Now I’m not going to go through your home and tell you to move walls around, but I will provide you with some suggestions that will help you sell your home faster and give you the best return on investment.  Does that sound good to you?”

Listing Presentation Scripts:  Sitting Down at the Table

“Besides price, is there anything else you would like to know?”

“Now I’ve got a lot that I can show you today, but before we get started, tell me what questions you have for me?”

“First tell me, what are you most concerned about with selling your home?”

Listing Presentation Techniques

After you have viewed the property and sat down at the kitchen table, asking questions about their concerns and needs regarding the sale of their home will start to uncover all of their objections to selling.  Typically these objections will be about price, timing, condition, commission or motivation.  Refer to our Agent Scripts Library to learn how to isolate and overcome each of these objections one-by-one.  Also be sure to sit at a table with the clients close together, rather than spread out in a living room that is not conducive to signing a listing agreement.  Most importantly, it is imperative to ask multiple questions about their motivation for moving regardless of whether they raise the issue or not.  Use our Needs Analysis Script to help conduct this series of questioning to demonstrate a higher level of customer service by uncovering the needs of clients while also tapping into the motivators that get them into immediate action.


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