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Scripts & Dialogue


Inside Sales Agent Scripts & Techniques

Use these inside sales agent scripts & best practices for inside sales agents on real estate teams to effectively nurture & convert leads into appointments.  One of the most important principles of lead followup is to keep your focus on determining the needs of the consumer.  Therefore, it’s crucial to ask questions to learn the needs of each individual.  It’s actually less about using scripts and more about knowing what and how to ask the right questions about what’s standing in their way.  We ask these qualifying questions to learn the needs of each person and look for opportunities to help them move forward in the home buying/selling process.

Inside Sales Agent Scripts – Qualifying Questions

Whether it be to convert sign calls or online leads, for decades real estate agents have used the LPMAMA formula to effectively ask qualifying questions. The LPMAMA acronym stands for:  Location, Price, Motivation, working w/ another Agent, Mortgage & Appointment/transition.  Below are some examples of quick inside sales agent scripts to ask qualifying questions in accordance with this tested lead conversion formula:


  • The home you called on is located in the _____ area, is that the only area you are looking to buy in?

  • Just out of curiosity, what other areas are you looking to buy in?

  • What have you liked about the homes you have lived in? Tell me what you like and dislike about where you are currently living.

  • What areas are you looking to buy in?  Are you familiar with that area?  Are you interested in a specific subdivision or neighborhood?


  • While I am looking up that information, what price range are you looking to buy in?

  • The home you called on is listed at $____________, is that the price range you are looking to buy in?

  • So, what price range are you more comfortable buying in?


  • By the way, do you currently rent or own your home?

  • OWN:  Oh by the way, is your home currently on the market?

  • RENT: So, are you month-to-month or are you in a long-term lease?

  • Just out of curiosity, how soon do you want to be in your new home?

  • I see, how long have you been looking for a home to buy? OK. Have you established a time frame of how soon you want to be in your new home?

  • O.K., well on a scale of 1 to 10, with a 10 meaning that you are definitely interested in moving and a 1 meaning you are not really interested in moving at all, where would you rate yourself?

Working with Another Agent

  • By the way, how long have you been looking for a new home?

  • How many homes have you seen the inside of?

  • Just out of curiosity, how have you been seeing homes?  Are you going to open houses or looking with an agent?


  • By the way, will you be paying cash or will you need a mortgage?

  • Are you approved for your mortgage already?

  • Are you a cash buyer?  (Meaning they already approved for a mortgage)

(If no) Have you looked into financing options yet?

  • Have you been pre-qualified or credit approved by a mortgage lender?  By that I mean have you spoken with a lender to find out the maximum amount you can borrow and what your comfort level is?  This typically just means speaking with a lender over the phone for about 15 minutes.


  • Based on the information you have given me, here is what I recommend we do…. Let’s set up a time to meet in my office to go over the home buying process, do a quick market overview plus set up a time to go look at homes.  How does that sound?

  • Is it best to reach you at your daytime number? May I have a (daytime, night-time) number I can reach you at? So I may serve you better, what is another number I will be able to reach you at?

  • Are weekdays or weekends better for you? Should we meet on (day of the week) or (day of the week)? Is it better to meet you in the afternoon or evening?


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