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Scripts & Dialogue


Buyer Sign Call Scripts

Learn these buyer sign call scripts and dialogues to convert incoming sign calls and internet leads to in-person appointments.  The use of sign call scripts is essential to take control of the initial conversation in order to provide better service to potential clients.  Without asking the proper questions at the outset of the relationship, you may end up wasting both the buyers’ and the sellers’ time, not to mention your own.

Another key to a high lead-to-appointment conversion rate is the speed of the response time.  Although agents that quickly call inbound inquiries back have much better results, it is important to not be too quick to show property either.  In fact, it is advisable to always attempt to have potential buyers come into the office to conduct a buyer consultation prior to showing property.  Whether it be to filter out the window shoppers, for agent safety, to obtain loan pre-approval, or to get an exclusive buyer agency agreement signed, it should never be considered necessary to be quick to show.  Therefore, the internet lead and sign call scripts provided below are designed to convert leads to consultation appointments prior to ever viewing homes for sale.

Yet being quick to respond and measured before meeting with buyers is challenging without tested buyer sign call scripts that enable agents to control the initial conversation by asking appropriate questions about customer needs in order to provide a higher level of service.  Resisting the temptation to provide the initial information requested before immediately offering to show the home, all without ever taking the time to ask about a potential client’s needs, is typically the problem when sign call scripts are not used. Buyer Sign Call Scripts


Buyer:  “How much is the home on 123 Main Street?” (No matter the initial question or response, proceed with the script.)

Agent:  “That’s a great home.  Did you see it online or while driving by?” (For tracking purposes, it is always important to know where your leads come from.)

Buyer:  “We just drove by it today.” (Regardless of their answer, proceed with the script.)

Agent:  “Do you live in the area?” (Use this transition to take control of the conversation.  See list of additional transition questions below.)

Buyer:  “No. We live on the other side of town.” (Again, regardless of their answer, proceed with the script.)

Agent:  “I see. Do you currently own your home or are you renting?” (Depending on their answer, proceed with either the OWNER or TENANT script below.)

(IF OWNER) Agent:  

“So you’d probably need to sell your home first, or do you qualify to buy your next home without selling first?” (If they don’t need to sell first, see the tenant script below. Otherwise, proceed with the script.) “Great! Well the home you called about is priced at $200,000.  So tell me, have you had a REALTOR out to your current home to give you a pricing opinion recently?” (If “No”, proceed with . . .)  “I’d be happy to quickly swing by your home to do that for you before we take a look the home that’s for sale.  Would 5:00pm today or 4:00pm tomorrow be good for you?”

(IF TENANT) Agent:  

“Great!  Well the home you called about is priced at $200,000.  So tell me, what specifically interested you about it?” (After their response . . .) “Thanks.  Do you know what lender you will be using to purchase your next home?” (After their response, proceed with . . .) “I see.  How many homes have you looked at so far?” (Again after their response . . .) “Great. So if this is the right home for you, what home inspector would you use?” (After their response . . .)  “I understand. It sounds like you have a lot of research to do. Do you want me to help you out with that?” (“Sure”)  “Great.  How about we quickly meet at my office before we take a look at this home.  Would 5:00pm today or 4:00pm tomorrow be good for you?”

Note: You may also decide to use more of the additional transition questions below to maintain control of the dialogue prior to setting the consultation appointment.


"Tell me what specifically interested you about the home?"

"Do you live in the neighborhood?"

"How soon were you thinking about moving?"

"Where do you currently live?"

"How long have you been looking for a home?"

"Are you working with another agent?"

"Do you own or rent your current home?"

"How long have you lived in your current home?"

"Are you qualified to purchase a new home without selling your current home?"

"Do you know which lender you will be using to purchase a home?"

"Are you familiar with the neighborhood?"

"Have you decided on a particular home inspector yet?”"

"What parts of town are you interested in?"

"Will you be requesting a home warranty? If so, have you decided on what type of coverage?"


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