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Buyer Conversion Scripts: Turn Showings into Appointments

Learn these buyer conversion scripts that successful real estate agents use to convert showing property into buyer consultation appointments.  Whether it be at an open house, after answering a sign call or converting an internet lead, it is important to always have potential buyers come into the office to conduct a buyer consultation prior to showing more property.  This helps to filter out the window shoppers, protect agent safety, set proper expectations, obtain loan pre-approval and get exclusive buyer agency agreements signed before committing significant time and effort showing homes.  The use of tested buyer conversion scripts creates a level of agent assurance to transition house shoppers into home buyers.

Buyer Conversion Scripts: Mix Personal & Purposeful

Effective buyer conversion scripts blend a mix of personal and purposeful questions while agents show property to prospective buyers. This enables agents to discreetly blend relationship building in with action steps to help move would-be buyers into a purchasing mindset.  This technique also helps home shoppers self discover that they may be getting ahead of themselves buy looking for homes when they are not yet ready to buy.

Buyer Conversion Scripts

As previously explained, asking a serious of personal questions while weaving in purposeful inquiries forms the underlying pattern of effective buyer conversion scripts.  Therefore, we have supplemented the following scripts with lists of both personal and purposeful questions for agents to use by alternating back and forth from each list until the opportunity for closing the buyer consultation appointment arises.


“Do you guys live in the area?”  Use a few initial questions like this one from the personal questions list provided below. This will break the ice and start relationship building to establish rapport prior to probing into more purposeful home buying questions.


“So if this was the right house for you, what . . . (lender would you use to handle your financing) . . ?”  Begin mixing in purposeful questions from the list below by asking them questions to get them thinking about what they would do if they found their dream house.  Do this by using the introductory script: So if this was the fight house for you, what/who . . .?”  Not only will you learn a lot more about their situation and needs, but you may also help them self discover that they need the help of an agent to put them in a position to buy.  Repeat this line of personal and purposeful questioning until it becomes evident that your services can be of help to them.


“It sounds like you have a lot of research to do.  Do you want me to help you with that?” (wait for a response) “Great!  We just need to meet briefly at my office and then I’ll take it from there.  Would 2:00pm tomorrow or 3:00pm on Tuesday be good for you?”

Personal Questions List

"Do you live in the area?""

"Where do you currently live?"

"How long have you lived there?"

"How soon were you thinking about moving?"

"Why do you want to move?"

"How long have you been looking for a home?"

"Are you looking for a larger/smaller home?"

"What do you do for a living?"

"Do you have a large family?"

"Are you originally from this area?"

"What particularly interested you in this home?"

Purposeful Questions List

"Do you own or rent your home?"

"When do you plan on moving?"

"What lender will you use to handle your financing?"

"Do you need to sell your home before you buy a new one?"

"Do you know how much of a down payment you will need?"

"Do you know what monthly payment you are comfortable with?"

"Have you thought about what interest rate you qualify for?"

"What home inspector will you use when purchasing?"

"Have you decided on a home warranty company yet or what type of coverage you will need?"

"What other parts of town are you interested in?"

"Have you thought about a particular moving company yet?"

"Are you concerned about school districts?"


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