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Call Preparation

1. Please set some time aside to review the brochure below before the call. It will give you a much better understanding of what to expect and will definitely give you more clarity.

2. Accept the calendar invite and block off the time that you scheduled for - due to the volume of calls, we do not allow reschedules. Check your email right now and confirm that you have the Zoom link - If you don't contact us at +1 855-674-8305

3. Be in a quiet place where you can focus - don't be driving, in an airport, with friends, etc. Please be at a desk and ready to have a
very serious but straight forward conversation.

4. If for any reason we are not  a good fit, we still want to provide you with a free premium business card that has your name on it after our meeting (Limited quantity available). The card will allow you to share your information to anyone's phone with a quick tap. We want to support others inside our community as much as we can.

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Phaners 2023 Presentation.png
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